Chatbot for Marketing

Level up your customer experience with AI-powered digital marketing tools.

TelkomselKata Boost

Connect to your existing customers and retarget them with personalized interaction on any messaging channels. From campaign planning to reporting, you can do it all on Kata Boost.

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TelkomselKata Flow

Kata Flow simplifies the process of building a chatbot, so you can focus on what really matters—delivering automated personalized experience for your customers.

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TelkomselKata CMS

Kata CMS lets you build a powerful dashboard where you can collaborate with your team seamlessly, from modifying content to creating new features for your virtual assitant.

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Kata Conversational Suite

Everything you need to deliver the most personalized customer experience at scale.

Kata FlowKata Flow
Kata NLKata NL
Kata CMSKata CMS
Kata BoostKata Boost
Kata OmnichatKata Omnichat
Kata VoiceKata Voice

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