Exceptional Marketing Campaign Starts with a smart chatbot

Create highly interactive campaigns that resonate with your audience - 10x better than email.

Limitless Marketing Possibilities

Limitless Marketing Possibilities

Discover the potential of chatbots in transforming customer conversations into valuable conversions. Our innovative solutions empower you to effortlessly gather data and extract actionable insights from your customers. You can take it a step further by leveraging these insights to craft captivating marketing campaigns that drive leads and sales. Yes, marketing automation has never been this smoothly!

Generate more qualified leads

Leave behind the lengthy form filling and incomplete lead data. Our chatbot solutions empower you to effortlessly construct a comprehensive marketing funnel, capturing prospect or customer information, validating data, and re-engaging to boost completion rates.

Understand your customers better

Our chatbots are specifically designed to assist you in understanding your customer better. With our advanced technology, you are able to dive deeper into your customers' profiles, preferences and needs.

Recommend the right product

Assist your customers in discovering the ideal product through personalized interactions, while leveraging a chatbot to monitor purchasing trends, analyze consumer behavior, and offer product recommendations based on their chat history.

Recommend the right product

Send Personalized Campaign

If you feel there's room for improvement in your marketing promotional channel, worry not—we 've got you covered. Easily send personalized bulk messages using templates and take advantage of targeted messaging to enhance opportunities. Effortlessly deliver promocodes directly to your customers' preferred chat apps like never before.

Reward your loyal customers

We make it easier for you to personalize a loyalty program through chatbot for your valued members and customers. You can also conduct customer satisfaction surveys to continually enhance your marketing initiatives.

Reward your loyal customers

What you can do with our
marketing engagement solution

Get to know your customers better

The customers' database is an important asset. With our chatbot solution, you will be able to understand your customers' behaviors and preferences holistically.

Smarter remarketing for better outcomes

Retarget customers across messaging apps to drive conversions, collect feedback, and upsell products or services through personalized conversations.

Transform each interaction into valuable insights

You can get customers insights with accurate data inputs, drive brand loyalty, and effectively retarget customers who sampled your products.

Track everything in real-time

Let you brand shines through

Be one step ahead than your competitors by creating personal connections with your customer to grow relationships and your business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can any type of business implement Kata.ai's conversational AI solutions?
Absolutely! No matter your business or industry type, our conversational AI solution can help you. Our conversational AI works best if you intend to improve customer satisfaction and uniquely engage your customers.
How will my business benefit from Kata.ai's conversational AI solution?
In a nutshell, our conversational AI solution can level up your customer engagement, make your brand accessible 24/7, help your team answer inquiries automatically, and talk to customers in their language.
What happens when customers asked something my virtual assistant isn't prepared for?
The human handover feature from our solution will take care of this situation. When your virtual assistant cannot address the query, it will notify the agent and make him/her take over the conversation.
Can I deploy my virtual assistant on-premise?
Sure, we support both on-premise and cloud deployment.
Can I find out the most asked questions that people ask my virtual assistant?
Yes, you can do that. You can also see the top topics that your customers most interested in and other relevant metrics using Kata Platform Analytics.
How much will it cost if I plan to implement Kata.ai conversational AI for my business?
We offer various plans for Conversational AI solutions, but our pricing starts from IDR 5.000.000/month. For more details, you can check our Pricing page.

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