Create superior marketing campaign with a smart chatbot

Engage your customers and deliver interactive campaigns that perform 10x better than email.

Go beyond with your marketing

Go beyond with your marketing

Chatbot is a new way to turn conversations with your customers into conversions. With our solutions, you can easily and automatically collect data and gain actionable insights from your customers. You can go a step further and use those insights to create engaging marketing campaigns to generate leads or sales. Marketing automation has never been this seamless.

Generate more qualified leads

Chatbots make filling out forms a thing of the past. With our solutions, it’s easy to create an end-to-end marketing funnel to get prospects or customers information, verify the data, and re-engage to drive completion.

Collect customer data and insight

Our chatbot solutions are specifically built to help you understand your customer behavior. With our technology, you will have an opportunity to go even deeper into customers’ profiles, interests, and needs.

Recommend the right product

Help your customers find the perfect product by guiding them through personalized interaction. Moreover, you can use a chatbot to track purchasing patterns, analyze consumer behavior, and recommend products based on customers’ chat history.

Recommend the right product

Send engaging campaigns

You know your customers; we know automation. Our chatbot solutions will help you create multichannel campaigns that reach your customers wherever they are. In other words, we’ve got all you need to create meaningful interactions with your customers every single time.

Reward your loyal customers

We make it easy for you to customize a loyalty program on your chatbot to make your customers or members feel special. You can also run customer satisfaction surveys to help you continuously improve your marketing efforts.

Reward your loyal customers

What you can do with our marketing engagement solution

Drive more effective engagement

Discover topics your customers are most interested in, tailor your marketing campaign, and share it on any channel that your customers love for higher conversions.

Turn traffic into growing revenue

Send rich messages to inform customers about your products or services. Display your product the right way with interactive visuals to draw customers’ attention with your special offers.

Seamless customer experience

Deliver seamless customer experience across various channels. You can also run A/B testing on your virtual assistant to learn which content works best.

Track everything in real-time

Track everything in real-time

Get insights on your virtual assistant and marketing campaign performance to have a clear overview of your customers and achieve more goals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can any type of business implement Kata.ai's conversational AI solutions?
Absolutely! No matter your business or industry type, our conversational AI solution can help you. Our conversational AI works best if you intend to improve customer satisfaction and uniquely engage your customers.
How will my business benefit from Kata.ai's conversational AI solution?
In a nutshell, our conversational AI solution can level up your customer engagement, make your brand accessible 24/7, help your team answer inquiries automatically, and talk to customers in their language.
What happens when customers asked something my virtual assistant isn't prepared for?
The human handover feature from our solution will take care of this situation. When your virtual assistant cannot address the query, it will notify the agent and make him/her take over the conversation.
Can I deploy my virtual assistant on-premise?
Sure, we support both on-premise and cloud deployment.
Can I find out the most asked questions that people ask my virtual assistant?
Yes, you can do that. You can also see the top topics that your customers most interested in and other relevant metrics using Kata Platform Analytics.
How much will it cost if I plan to implement Kata.ai conversational AI for my business?
We offer various plans for Conversational AI solutions, but our pricing starts from IDR 5.000.000/month. For more details, you can check our Pricing page.

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