Transform shopping experience to build revenue and loyalty

Increase average order value, decrease cart abandonment, and lower operation costs with a smart chatbot.

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Benefits and use cases

Personalized product recommendations
Help your customer find the right product from limitless catalogs, and deliver suggestions based on their preferences.
Frictionless customer support
Your chatbot can easily manage customers' orders and complete their requests automatically.
Increase sales
Boost average order value by leveraging a smart chatbot to proactively engage shoppers by give interesting offers.
Track customers' order
Help customers to track their orders within chat apps, and help them to find the nearest store, by entering address or zip code in a matter of seconds.
Get rich customer profile
Get more insight into your customers' shopping behavior and offer products based on their purchase history, past interactions, or wishlist items.

Shalma - Alfamart

Interactive chatbot for customer loyalty

What you can do with SHALMA virtual assistant:

  • Register Alfamart/PONTA membership
  • Redeem PONTA points and access Alfagift
  • Get information about Alfamart special promo
  • Find Alfamart store nearby
  • Share feedback regarding Alfamart service
  • Play games/quiz
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