Privacy Policy


PT Yesboss Group Indonesia (We) is the prime operator for https://kata.ai/ and https://platform.kata.ai, and all services provided under the trademark of “Kata.ai” (Kata.ai Products) which can be accessed through computer, cellular phone and tablet. This Privacy Policy regulates procedures for collecting, utilizing, saving, processing and management of personal information and other data. If you visit or use the Kata.ai Product, cooperate with us by way of making a specific cooperation agreement related to the Kata.ai Product, you shall be deemed to have read and legally agreed that you’re completing the consent materials under the law, on the collection, utilization, saving, processing and any way of how we manage your data in accordance with the Privacy Policy. We may change the Privacy Policy at any time. We highly recommend you to review this Privacy Policy regularly.

Governing Law
This Privacy Policy is made and shall be implemented in accordance to the provisions of applicable laws and regulations in Indonesia and any jurisdiction applicable to the any part of of Kata.ai Products, including but not limited to laws, regulations, jurisprudences, practical codes that apply as every time those are enacted. We are bound and abide by the applicability of Indonesia law so that all principles stipulated in this Privacy Policy are in harmony with the applicable provisions in Indonesia.
We may use one or more third party server providers in order to store and manage your data. These servers may be located inside and outside Indonesia territory, therefore their privacy policy shall be applicable for Kata.ai Product. We will notify you regularly if we change our server provider for ensuring transparency.
Kata.ai means PT. Yesboss Group Indonesia, a limited liability duly established under the laws of Indonesia engages in providing the services in natural language processing artificial intelligence and its related, supporting technology.
Data means data in the form of electronics that elaborate an individual or entity’s identity and also other information saved in the Kata’ai’s electronic system that is integrated with the Kata.ai Products.
User means every individual or entity who accesses and utilizes the Kata.ai Products.
ChatCommerce means a service integrated with store/merchants information management system to provide service through any kind of connected platform.
Cookies means a file that is sent from a website to be stored inside the user’s computer. The purpose of this file is to store information about the user’s previous activity in the website, which may include login information, previously accessed pages, IP Address.
Chatbot means a computer program that is able to access various functions through instructions in the form of text conversations.
Natural Language Processing (NLP) means an artificial intelligence technology that enables computers to understand human language in the form of text and/or voice, specifically defining the intent of the user based on the user’s speech and finding the right function to serve the user’s intent.
Internet Protocol Address (IP Address) means a numerical label assigned to each device connected to a computer network that uses Internet Protocol for communication. The purpose of this numerical label is to identify hosts or networks on the internet, as well as to detect the location of the device.
WhatsApp API means a connector to WhatsApp chat room which can be attached in various parts of Users’ media.
Data and Information
We may collect User Data, that includes but not limited to:

  • Data transcript of User’s conversation in Kata.ai Products;
  • Activity data of User in using Kata.ai Products;
  • Personal data of User (like name, phone number, and others);
  • Data in the form of text, image, voice, or video
  • Activity data of User in using Kata.ai Platform to build chatbot;
  • User’s activities information in the https://kata.ai/ and https://platform.kata.ai.
How We Collect Your Data
We conduct a collection of your data through:

  • Log Files and IP Address
    Every time User uses Kata.ai Products, Kata.ai may collect the data of events and IP Address in the Log Files.

  • Cookies
    Kata.ai uses cookies and similar technology, to help Kata.ai recognize User when using Kata.ai Products. By accessing thKata.ai Products, User or anyone agrees to the placement of cookies and other similar technology in User’s or anyone’s internet browser.

  • Your Conversation
    Kata.ai may collect your data through your conversation in Kata.ai Products.
Purposes of Collection
We collect your data for these purposes:

  • To help enhancing the consumer experience in accessing chatbot;
  • To help client in understanding consumer needs and give a better experience using chatbot;
  • To improve the Natural Language Processing ability in understanding consumer conversation.
  • For contact purposes in terms of obtaining follow up confirmation on the User’s potential in using Kata.ai Products.
  • For marketing purposes which are: (a) obtain the marketing information to improve Kata.ai Products; and (b) provide updates about Kata.ai Products through an email-based newsletter that will be sent to the User.
Protection and Security
In our best effort, We commit to protect Data security and Information from potential unauthorized access by any party by conducting and utilizing any considered necessary and reasonable security measures to review and update the security measures to comply with the latest technology.
User’s Rights
We ensure that User shall has these rights:

  • To access their personal information upon request;
  • To change or update their personal information;
  • To request deletion of personal information;
We may retain User Data until the User requests to delete their Data. We will do our best to ensure that all User Data at server storage but we cannot guarantee in full due to the storage is in the server provider’s internal policy.
We may provide access for Data to:

  • Our Affiliates (Affiliates means any entity who is under Control or Common control by use. Control means the shares ownership of more than 50% and/or our rights to appoint our representatives in the Affiliates’ Board of Director or Board of Commissioners).
  • Third Party Providers (Third Party Providers means any entity or individual who is engaged under adequate agreement with us).
  • Authorized personnel under the requirements of law or outstanding legal proceeding that directly involves us).
  • Any entity that is directly involved in merger, acquisition,consolidation or any critical restructuring matters which involves Kata.ai.
Third Party Engagement
We may engage with other third parties in order to optimize Kata.ai Products. We ensure that such third parties have the proper standard and data security system, in which the minimum has the privacy policy with this privacy policy.
Users understand that they are also bound with the third parties’ privacy policy. We strongly suggest reviewing our third parties privacy policies.
By the date of the implementation tour Third Party Privacy policy are:
User Information
If you have any follow up questions in this Privacy Policy, please contact Kata.ai at support@kata.ai.