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Automate support and outpatient care with an intelligent diagnosis engine.

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Benefits and use cases

Check for early symptoms
Help your patients check their health condition and guide them to the proper first aid.
Appointment booking
Help patients schedule appointment and consultations based on the doctor’s availability through chat apps.
Outpatient care
Assist patients by send reminders for medication timings, physical therapy, and dates for their routine check-ups.
Billing and registration
Facilitate your patients to have quick access to administration process and their invoices.
Insurance claim
Make it easy for patients to find out their insurance membership status and grant access to claim their insurance.
Check for early symptomsCheck for early symptomsCheck for early symptomsCheck for early symptomsCheck for early symptoms
Personal assistant for various health services
BPJS Kesehatan

Chika - BPJS Kesehatan

Personal assistant for various health services

What you can do with CHIKA virtual assistant:

  • Check membership status and billing⁣
  • Find information about the benefits of membership⁣
  • Find information about health services and branch offices
  • Find information about registration and data⁣ update
  • Contact live agent ⁣for further information
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Prixa - Prixa.ai

Smart diagnosis engine

What you can do with Prixa.ai:

  • Check symptoms
  • Consultation via chat or video call
  • Schedule doctor appointment
  • Order and delivery medicine
  • Insurance claim (coming soon)
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Smart diagnosis engine

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