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Smart diagnosis engine

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Kata NL

Kata NL

Astri Riksahati

“We are dealing with a lot of information from symptoms, duration, onset, and variation of input that require deep understanding and Kata.ai's technology has the capability to help us identify that complex structures from a user input in Bahasa Indonesia.”

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Astri Riksahati

Public Relations Manager of Prixa


As human beings, we tend to let alone the healing process without considering a doctor’s visit and getting the right prescription medication. As a result of several causes, we have been dealt with a long queue and procedure for hours in a hospital, and consultation session that we think is not satisfied enough. Understanding the high demand for accessibility and affordability of healthcare service, Prixa is positioned as a health companion to cover the healthcare we need and ensure the whole journey as the priority.

Prixa is the first AI-based company that combines a proprietary AI-platform with personalization health insurance in Indonesia. As one of Kata.ai’s partners, Prixa offers a comprehensive healthcare ecosystem where the patient is able to consult with the doctor online, schedule a doctor or the lab-test appointment to gain a deeper understanding of your health, and get you a prescription medication to deliver to your front door.

With Prixa web-based app, you can also have a free session to get a preliminary result of your diagnosis through diagnostic engine based AI. In providing this service, Prixa uses AI, NLP, and Expert System technology from Kata.ai, so their technology can recognize patient symptoms in Bahasa. Established in 2019, Prixa has marked significant efforts along with the partners and clients in the healthcare industry, such as: Siloam Hospital, Lippo Insurance, Mandiri in-Health, Generali, Triasse, Lifepack, Alfamart, and DAV to make more feasibility and accessibility for users to get their proper healthcare in a couple of taps away.



As Kata.ai's partners, Prixa decided to use Expert System and NLP technology for the diagnosis engine on Prixa's website. This diagnosis engine works start by getting a contextual profile of the user in terms of precondition and then asking the user to input their chief complaint. Prixa's system will use NL to recognize the component and search the possible cause coupled with the characteristics in their database. After Prixa's system has enough information, it will use all user inputs to predict the possible diseases.

Prixa's diagnosis engine is designed to bring complete solutions that provide comprehensive healthcare service and empower health practitioners. "At Prixa, we aim to do more than provide better healthcare aids. We are here to stay with our patients every step of the way toward achieving a healthier life," said Astri Riksahati - Public Relations Manager of Prixa.

Especially in the current of a pandemic, Prixa is glad to get an opportunity to bring the mission to humanizing healthcare for everyone by having a collaborative effort for several government institutions. Currently, Prixa collaborated with Ridwan Kamil and the West Java government to launch the symptoms checker in Pikobar (Pusat Informasi dan Koordinasi COVID-19 Jawa Barat) in March 2020.

Prixa's service is delivered in Bahasa to understand the users, Prixa needs Kata.ai's expertise to navigate, classify, and offer solutions at scale. Astri said, "Kata.ai's technology has the capability to help us identify complex structure in a user input especially in Bahasa Indonesia. We are dealing with a patient's chief complaint that involves a lot of information from symptoms, duration, onset, and variation of input that require deep understanding. Kata.ai has a contextual knowledge of Bahasa that we need."

What Prixa likes most about Kata.ai’s technology is the ease of using the product helps a lot, especially with a team with a first-time experience using NL to solve a problem. The systematic process and user-friendly interface help a lot so that it does not seem intimidating for a non-tech person to interact with the system.

The impact

  • As of approximately one semester in 2020, Prixa has 1M+ users accessing Prixa’s AI-based Covid-19 screening engine.
  • Prixa’s diagnosis engine has identified more than 1.000 health problems and enables users to connect with the doctors online. Around 70% of users opted for homecare after consulting their symptoms via Prixa’s Diagnosis Engine.
  • Pikobar’s unique users have grown 16.1x compared to Nalar (Prixa’s diagnosis engine) within the first month of launch.
  • Approximately 30-50% Pikobar users utilized 'Periksa Mandiri' feature.

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