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Increase customers loyalty with AI-powered Chatbot

Drive optimal customer experiences by actively engaging with customers across multiple channels.

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Benefits and use cases

Personalize interactions
Help your brand understand your customer profiles, so you can deliver personalized experience to keep them satisfied.
Product recommendation
Assist customers in making the right choice from thousands of products with a smart recommendation bot.
Offer promotions
Chatbot can be leveraged to promote upcoming offers that drive more sales within the messaging apps.
Automated campaigns
Keep your customers in the loop and build customer loyalty through an interactive campaign on the preferred chat apps.
Nurture customers
Offer seamless support and complete brand experience on every channel, so your customers keep coming back.
Personalize interactionsPersonalize interactionsPersonalize interactionsPersonalize interactionsPersonalize interactions

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Interactive Chatbot for outbound data collection

What advantages do businesses get by implementing a chatbot solution?

  • Company can do data collection and data validation for marketing purpose
  • Send Promotional message
  • Send product information
Virtual friend and LINE's most interactive chatbot

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