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With chatbot, you can serve your customer and take care of their needs, even when you are not around.


Redefine your customer service with AI-powered virtual assistant

Chatbot is a perfect solution to resolve customer issues through messaging apps or websites. With our conversational AI technology, you can quickly resolve questions, provide support to multiple customers at once, and help customers 24/7—all without any human intervention.

Scalable and cost-efficient

With Kata.ai's chatbot solution, you can help your customers 24/7 in a more scalable and cost-effective way. So you don't need to extend support hours, or hire and train new agents.


Smart self-service solution

Leverage a chatbot to automatically respond to common customer queries, so your agents can focus on solving complex issues that require more human touch.

New revenue stream

Chatbot is not just for automating responses. You can use it to drive new revenue streams by automating transactions and providing up-sell opportunities.


What you can do with our customer service solution

Improve customer satisfaction

Provide consistent support across channels and resolve customers’ problems faster by delivering automated responses on any chat apps.

Boost agents productivity

Help your agents focus on handling higher priority conversations by automating simple ones using a chatbot.

Truly understand your customers’ needs

Learn from each customer’s conversation history, and use those insights to engage your customers with relevant and personalized content.

Long-lasting customer relationships

Keep customers engaged since their first interaction and build lifelong customer relationships that drive loyalty and long-term revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an automated customer service?
Automated customer service lets you deliver customer support without human intervention. It works best when customers need an answer to recurring straightforward questions, status updates, or help to find a specific resource.
Why do I need to start automating my customer service operations with a conversational AI solution?
Implementing conversational AI technology for your business will reduce the time your agents spend on repetitive queries and lets them focus on more complex issues. Some benefits of using conversational AI and virtual assistants are automating repetitive tasks, improving customer experience and satisfaction, generating leads, and reducing your customer support costs.
What are the key advantages of conversational AI (virtual assistant) over live chat?
Here are some key advantages of conversational AI over live chat:
A virtual assistant is always active. You can engage your customers 24/7 by answering their FAQs promptly.
Easily scalable. A virtual assistant is easily scalable with no upper limit when there is a sudden increase in the volume or support team is not available.
Less prone to errors. A virtual assistant is designed to enhance customer experience by responding with speed and accuracy.
What is the difference between Kata.ai's conversational AI solutions than other companies?
Our conversational AI technology is powered by the best NLP in Bahasa Indonesia. This is why our AI can accurately understand the intent and context of a sentence and provide precise answers. Its algorithm is the result of our experience in processing more than 160 million conversations with various intent, dialect, context, and industries. We have more than 120 happy clients who trust Kata.ai as their conversational AI solution provider. You can find their testimonies and case studies in the Resources page.
What is the price of conversational AI solutions from Kata.ai?
We offer various plans for our Conversational AI solutions, but our pricing starts from IDR 5.000.000/month. For more details, you can check our Pricing page.

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