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Cost-efficient customer support
Cost-efficient customer support

Create a chatbot that can automate your customer support process, reducing the cost of your call-center operation

Interactive customer experience
Interactive customer experience

The chatbot can also offer an instant and interactive way for customers to interact with your brands. Offering (24/7) transaction capability or even product recommendation.

Better conversion rate
Better conversion rate

With better experience for your customer, it’s easier to convert their interest into leads or purchases.

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  • Customer Service

  • Banking Assistant

  • Customer Engagement

  • Customer Loyalty


Intelligent customer support for Telco

Meet Veronika


Intelligent customer support for Telco

Meet Veronika


Award Winning Banking Assistant (The Asian Banker)

Meet Sabrina


Virtual Friend and LINE's Most Interactive Chatbot

Meet Jemma


Interactive assistant for customer loyalty

Meet Shalma

Create the best chatbots with our platform

The Most Robust NLP/NLU
The Most Robust NLP/NLU

Create chatbots that have the best understanding for what the users are saying in Bahasa Indonesia and English.

Bot Studio
Bot Studio

Conversation Designer easily design engaging conversation flows for your chatbots.

Integration Flexibility
Integration Flexibility

Works with any other technology and tools you use to meet your business needs.


Easily manage and install your chatbots in any messaging channels you choose.


Need the security of your own IT infrastructure to run your chatbots? Just install it on your own system using our On-Premise solution.

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Bank BRI
ZURICH Insurance
Atma Jaya
The Body Shop
Astra Motor
Mandiri Tunas Finance

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Kata Platform
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An integrated platform to build the best chatbot for any chat or messaging apps (even inside your own apps or website!)

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