Create interactive campaigns on your chatbot

Personalize your marketing campaigns

Connect to your existing customers and retarget them with personalized interactions on any messaging channels. From campaign planning to reporting, you can do it all on Kata Boost.

Segment your audience

Group your audience by their demographics, behavior, and their preferred messaging channels.

Manage your campaign

Schedule or instantly publish engaging campaigns on your chatbot in just a few clicks.

Analyze the impact

Analyze your campaign performance with our built-in success metrics, and plan your next campaign better.

Send data-driven marketing campaigns

Experiment with A/B Testing to compare different versions of a campaign and learn how it works for your audience. Analyze the result and take data-driven decision with confidence.

Key features

Send better campaigns in an all-in-one conversational marketing tool.

Supports multiple campaign type

Integrated A/B testing tool

Supports multiple messaging channels

Easy audience management

Analytics with built-in success metrics

Smart content recommendation

CTA Pricing

Simple, flexible pricing options

Find a perfect plan that suits your business.

Grow faster & drive more sales with Kata Boost

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