Automate any customer interactions with a smart chatbot

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Kata Flow simplifies the process of building a chatbot, so you can focus on what really mattersā€”delivering automated personalized experience for your customers.

Easy-to-use interface

Build complex conversation flows for your chatbot as easy as drag and drop.

Powerful CLI

Write code in CLI for more powerful scripting capabilities. Now supports JavaScript and YAML-based language.

No-code module system

Speed up your process using our no-code modules. Solve multiple use cases across industries in minutes.

Open and flexible

Deploy your chatbot to multiple messaging channels easily, even inside your apps or website. You can also integrate third-party system like popular CRM tools, NLP services, or analytic tools without effort.

Secure and scalable

Build quicker and ship confidently in a highly secure environments. Deploy on our on-premise solution to maintain enterprise-grade security and scalability of your chatbot effortlessly.

Key features

All you need to build the best chatbot for your business.

Available in GUI & CLI

Easy dialog management

Multiple development environments

Built-in conversation analytics

Flexible third-party integrations

Multichannel deployments

CTA Pricing

Simple, flexible pricing options

Find a perfect plan that suits your business.

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