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Indonesia AI Forum Debuts an Open Forum, Points the Way to Increase Awareness and Understanding of Outstanding AI Implementation

Jakarta, July 24, 2019 – The existence of artificial intelligence (AI) technology in Indonesia is generating an immense amount of hype, both for individuals and nation-wide. Simply put, most smartphones already use AI-enabled maps to provide a route recommendation. Given how impactful technology is for people’s lives, it is important to educate people about the significant use and related issues of AI technology. This belief became the founding idea for the initiation of Indonesia AI Forum.

Indonesia AI Forum is an open forum initiated by two AI companies in Indonesia, Nodeflux, a Vision AI company, and Kata.ai, a conversational AI company. Also invited to the forum are other AI industry players, government, academics, and all communities in Indonesia to take part in this discussion about the industry, sharing information and building cooperation opportunities.

“As a home-grown industry player, we believe there is a need for a productive discussion on how AI technology is contributing to the inclusive growth in Indonesia. To be successful, AI implementation needs a fully configured framework and regulations, with the right setup and collaboration between academics and industry to create talents and escalating research and development collaboration,” said Irzan Raditya, CEO and Co-Founder of Kata.ai, expressing his initial idea of Indonesia AI Forum.

The initial activities for the launch of this forum involve two-panel discussion sessions with timely and relevant topics. According to data by Google Trends, the number of Indonesian users search inquiry for privacy issues has increased 750% over the past 1 year, as well as rising concerns about job losses due to automation and AI technology.

Adding to the core values of regulatory perspective, Semuel Pangerapan, Director General of Informatics Applications Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information said; “In regards to data handling, what matters is not only the consent of the people towards the data collection, but also the legitimate intent that underlies the data collection. To tackle this, we are discussing the potential of creating an independent Data Authority Organization similar to DPA in Europe within the framework of the Data Protection Bill we are working on. The aim of this organization is to help review data governance and maintain the balance between regulation and innovation. This entity will also give guidance to industry players on how they can manage data in a responsible way and the bill can create new jobs such as Data Protection Officer. There will be a new opportunity for SMEs to outsource the data governance of their consumer’s data, which in turn will better protect said data. The key lies in how this balance will spur innovation.”

There will be huge opportunities, in which small organizations and SMEs will no longer have to manage their consumer data manually or by themselves. This will strengthen the enforcement of data protection for every consumer, so we conclude, we need to find the balance between innovations.”

In addition to Semuel Pangerapan, given its representation to the technology and information regulation, the first-panel discussion held In the Nodeflux HQ also invited Indra Purnama, Senior Expert at E-Commerce Roadmap PMO Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs RI. During the session, he explained about the significance of data privacy awareness to regulate and drive a sustainable digital economy growth for all levels and society.

The awareness of data privacy is very important and has been realized by The Indonesian government is in the process of drafting a Data Protection bill to protect the public’s interest. Even though we are working on it, we should also be aware that the development cycle of technology is very rapid, while the process to create regulation happens at a slower pace. That’s why I believe that all stakeholders need to do their part in guarding their private data, including technology companies that need to protect the data of their users, not only depending on regulation. This initiative to proactively protect data is crucial since an overly restrictive regulation will have a negative social and economic impact, at the same time overly permissive regulation will have its own impacts.

The lack of understanding for data privacy has portrayed another challenge in the AI implementation, as stated by Meidy Fitranto, CoFounder & CEO of Nodeflux, which inspired him to overcome the challenge through the Indonesia AI Forum initiative. "A collective effort from all stakeholders should be made, so we can thrive in a solid ecosystem in the development, as well as providing better opportunities for the people to engage in the technology industry. Furthermore, the government and regulators recognize this opportunity to support the next wave of data and technology. We pioneered the Indonesia AI Forum as an endeavor to give all related communities a complete view of the benefit and value-added perspective of AI technology,” said Meidy Fitranto, Co-Founder & CEO of Nodeflux.

In the future, Indonesia AI Forum will facilitate more discussions and dialogues, with the upcoming event will be held on August 8, 2019, entitled “The Future of Work in The New Era of Automation,” at Kata.ai’s office. With the rapid development of AI and technology, the open forum will continue to involve all communities and related industries to achieve a common goal of creating a thriving ecosystem for the AI industry in Indonesia.

About Indonesia AI Forum:

Indonesia AI Forum is an initiative, seeking to gather AI-technology stakeholders and discuss issues relevant to the rapid development of AI technology, as well as creating public education efforts and knowledge sharing about AI, the latest development of AI technology in Indonesia. The open forum was initiated by two AI startup companies, Nodeflux and Kata.ai, in early 2019. More information about the Indonesian AI Forum event series, visit:


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