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Kata Platform 3.0

Our biggest update yet to the powerful Kata Platform

The new Kata Platform 3.0 is our awesome platform to build great conversation interface. It allows you to quickly and simply build incredible chatbot for any product or service. It comes with great features, has the smartest AI with the best NLP in Bahasa Indonesia & English. So you can make a chatbot that understands users better. You can even deploy it into any chat apps that you want, and get insights about users behavior with our analytics tools.

Our Features

NL Studio
Create your own Natural Language model or use our pre-trained model to enhance your chatbot.
Bot Studio
Develop chatbot using visual interface or YAML-based Markup Language. You can also embed JavaScript code for more powerful scripting capability.
CMS Studio
Build custom CMS for your chatbot to allow easier content updates for non-developers.
Integrate our prebuilt module to your existing project for faster & better bot development. (coming soon)
Analytics Dashboard
Monitor how your chatbot performs & gather actionable insight for future improvements.
Deployment Manager
Set up multiple environments for different purpose. Rollback when you need to. Create once, chat anywhere.
CRM Integrations
Integrate your favorite CRM tools. Now supports Salesforce & Zendesk.
API Integrations
Flexible third-party API integrations to your chatbot.

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