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Seamless banking experience with AI-powered chatbots

When your business helps customers save their money, why don’t you save their time too?

Our financial service and bank clients:

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Benefits and use cases

Handling financial transactions
Complete all requests for financial transactions, from making payments, checking account balances, to learning about credit cards or interest rates.
Product & service guidance
Help your customers get to the right financial products, assist them in risk profiling, and offer tailored services based on their profile.
Fraud detection
A smart chatbot can notify customers when suspicious or fraudulent activity happened on their bank account.
Customer self-service
Your chatbot can deliver 24/7 contextual support, automate repetitive questions, and assist your customers in finding the nearest branch or ATM.
Better customer insights
Analyze interactions with customers, and utilize those insights for better customer engagement, relationship, and loyalty.
Saving working hours
Reduce customer service loads and boost productivity by automating common queries.

Sabrina - Bank BRI

Award-winning banking assistant (The Asian Banker)

What you can do with SABRINA virtual assistant:

  • Find ATM and branch office locations nearby
  • Top-up Brizzi card
  • Information about the exchange rate and interest rate
  • Information about Bank BRI products and service
  • Information about merchants promo
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Marsha - Mandiri Tunas Finance

Smart loan advisor for FSI

What you can do with MARSHA virtual assistant:

  • Submit a vehicle loan for new customer
  • Update MTF customer profile information
  • Get information about loans and payment methods
  • Get information about BPKB / STNK and insurance claims
  • Get the latest update about MTF products, promos & events
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